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Congratulation to the winners! Thanks to all participants with good performance and a passion for football! Even sometimes in sunshine or raining, participants never give up! Hope you guys enjoy the football tournament!!!Youths have a very enjoyable and down to earth experience in the wild camp. They face obstacles in setting up the tents, cooking meals, cleaning and packing up, but they were responsible, complete all the...26/1/2108 @ LINK Centre Participants compete in playing Go, Chinese Chess, Chinese Checkers, Jenga, Snack & Ladder, UNO, Kam Min Toi (Playing Card), 6 Nimmt in the group of 4 people to win the champion,...20/1/2108 @ Kwai Hing 7 Teams join the tournament for the championship. All of them were very energetic. It was a great opportunity for the youths to show their potential and talents. All team play...Thanks all of you support The 2nd Cantonese Competition~ Yeah!! It’s so amazing~Hope can see you all next time.      Making Chinese Tangyuan & Nepalese Chatpate with local university students ! It is very interesting to roll the dough and cutting the vegetables !Visit to The Chinese University of Hong Kong !! Had so much fun and unique experiences with the university students ^^ Learn many new Chinese words and culture in CUHK !Family Gathering in Tuen Mun Butterfly Beach ! Enjoy eating the fishball and the chicken Tekki with family members ! The most important thing is to enjoy the sea breeze.   ہونگ کونگ رصد گاہ کے متابق، اتوار کے دن تیز توفان مانگہ کوت خراب موسم لے کر آ راہ ہہ....According to weather forecast, Super Typhoon Manghkut will bring significantly deteriorating weather to Hong Kong on Sunday. Please take suitable...Have you ever think about what kind of university you want to enter in the future? To know more about the learning environment in different schools can help you choose your future path. Come and join us!Life is a long journey. To experience the simulated life journey in advance may bring a wonderful feeling. Looking forward to have your participation!Do you want to try the new and exciting activities? Rock climbing is a good choice! Come and challenge yourself!Be a team! Win the final LINK Cricket Tournament! Let’s come with friends!The Wild, Moon Birthday Party Let’s Celebrate! Here I am inviting you all to the wildest birthday party @LINK CENTRE on 22nd September, 2018 for all September members. Do come as we are going to have lots of fun, see ya!! Don’t forget, be on time! Venue : LINK Centre Time : 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm  Date : 22nd September, 2018 Are you familiar with the Chinese culture “MOON Festival Celebration”? If yes, come join us to share the knowledge, to enjoy exciting games and to share food. #spreadlove #spreadknowlege Sign up now for 14th September, 2018 (Friday), from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm. in LINK Centre!A good movie makes you feel like you’re journeyed with the character, isn’t it? What are you thinking? Come to join us along with your family on an exciting movie night at LINK Centre. Register and grap your tickets as soon as possible from any LINK Staff, hurry!! #firstcomefirstserve 7th September, 2018 (Friday) Time : 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm see youHard to supervise your young children in their homework? Lack of concentration and don’t listen to you? Here is the chance to get some tips in handling your children’s kindergarten homework ^^

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.hk top level Domain names can be registered via HKIRC-Accredited Registrars.
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Domain Name:  HKCNLINK.HK
Domain Status: Active
DNSSEC:  unsigned
Contract Version:   HKDNR latest version
Active variants
Inactive variants
Registrar Name: Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited
Registrar Contact Information: Email:                       Hotline: +852 2319 1313
Registrant Contact Information:
Company English Name (It should be the same as the registered/corporation name on your Business Register Certificate or relevant documents): HONG KONG COMMUNITY NETWORK LIMITED
Company Chinese name:
Address:  FLAT 1, 15/F., KWAI CHEONG CENTRE,
Country: Hong Kong (HK)
Domain Name Commencement Date: 06-10-2014
Expiry Date: 06-10-2019
Re-registration Status:  Complete
Administrative Contact Information:
Given name:  SO
Family name:  IVAN
Company name:  ZIZSOFT LIMITED
Country:  Hong Kong (HK)
Phone:  +852-22468886
Account Name:  HK1521377T
Technical Contact Information:
Given name:  SO
Family name:  IVAN
Company name:  ZIZSOFT LIMITED
Address:  FLAT 5, 15/F., KWAI CHEONG CENTRE,
Country:  Hong Kong (HK)
Phone:  +852-22468886
Name Servers Information:
Status Information:
Domain Prohibit Status:
The Registry contains ONLY,,,,, and .hk $domains.
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c.    without the prior written consent of HKDNR compile, repackage, disseminate, disclose to any third party or use the data for a purpose other than obtaining information about a domain name registration record; or
d.    use such data to derive an economic benefit for yourself.
HKDNR in its sole discretion may terminate your access to the WHOIS search enquiry service (including, without limitation, blocking your IP address) at any time including, without limitation, for excessive use of the WHOIS search enquiry service.
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